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Finding wedding venues French Riviera, South of France


French Riviera and South of France is an exceptional city to get married in.  Situated in a magnificent region, at the foot of the Sainte Victoire mountain, the city reveals a number of cultural and religious locations. You have beautifull place, Renaissance castle, Vence Castle, wedding hotel near Monaco, luxury yacht in Monaco, villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, hotel du cap Eden Roc… The beauty of theses buildings and the surrounding countryside are perfect and enable to highlight your wedding. If you wish to make these moments memorable,  you must definitely have a photographic coverage of your wedding. And to make this photographic reportage a success, it is then important to call upon a experienced wedding photographer. A professionnal  photographer specialised in wedding photography, who will be there to answer all your needs.



Why trust a professional wedding photographer ?


You should turn to a professional in the photography field. Only he will be able to provide a perfectly crafted job. His experience will mean he can anticipate events, and thus, the photographs that need to be captured. He will know when and where to be placed throughout your wedding ceremony to immortalise its most beautiful moments. Moreover, he already knows the city and will be able to accompany you in all the most stunning spots for couple photography in Monaco, Cannes, Nice or Grasse. He knows when to take shots, and also when it is not necessary. That is why it is not possible or realistic to let a family member, a friend or parent play at being a photographer on your wedding day. It is essential that you go through a professional whose job it is. A professional in whom you can place your absolute trust and will be sure to have a stunning wedding photo album.



Where to find a professional wedding photographer in South of France ?

If everyone speaks highly of him and his work, you can definitely trust those indications. If on the other hand you have no-one around to recommend a good wedding photographer, you can consult the internet. Make sure you do not stop at the first one you might see. Don’t hesitate to browse through the pages of your search engine, as there are often little gems where you least expect them ! Check their work out carefully, to find a photographer whose images truly touch you. It has to be the kind of photo that you’d like to treasure. If that is the case, you need to ask the photographer to show you an example of a complete wedding photo coverage of theirs in French Riviera. Of course, there will also be the question of budget. You can tell yourself that more often than not, the price corresponds to the quality of the work provided, and that even if it seems expensive at the time, this expense will seem minimal with regards to the quality of the memories captured by the wedding photographer in French riviera. He will be alongside you throughout your wedding day, in total intimacy. He will be delighted to explain his way of working, and help build a trustworthy relationship with you.

Finding the right wedding photographer for your wedding in South of France is not an easy task. Indeed, there are a number of photo professionals in this field. That does however mean that they are all good, or at least, that their work corresponds to what you might like. There a several ways to find your wedding photographer. The first is to trust word-of-mouth references. Past experiences of friends and family usually says a lot as to the quality of a professional : is he gifted? Demanding ? Talented ?

If you are sensitive to all of this, Colas Declercq and Gilles Perbal are the photographers that you need for the photographic coverage of your wedding in Aix-en-Provence. This duo of photographers specialized in weddings, both love first and foremost the human aspect of their job whilst telling beautiful stories through their photographs. Their joint experience spans  over 30 years and will provide a guarantee as to the quality of their work. The fact their are both several time medalists for Best Professional Photography in France will vouch for that too. They cover the entire PACA region and especially in French Riviera, South of France. Do not hesitate to contact them before your wedding day. Both photographers will be delighted to meet you and discuss how they can provide unforgettable wedding coverage of your wedding in South of France.