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Laura & Matthew Wedding Provence

Laura and Matthew, a wedding in Provence


We had met up in Marseille after an email exchange. I really appreciated their enthusiam, their energy and the fact they were truly so… Bristish! Indeed, a number of English couples choose to get married here in Provence. As the details were already organised, all we needed to do was wait for the actual wedding day, a the few months later.


However, my lovebirds weren’t that lucky in terms of weather for August. It was a very stormy day. But I think it takes more than a few drops of rain to discourage a bunch of English people come to celebrate a wedding in Provence! Between showers, the guests dried the chairs in the garden and the ceremony was finally underway. Everything happened smoothly from there onwards. Even without sunshine. They were quite simply, and in many ways, at home.


I then accompanied the newlyweds for the rest of the day. Between long speeches, bursts of laughter and the “pschiiiit” of beer cans opening. It was a really wonderful moment.