Destination Wedding Photographer London- UK

destiantion wedding photographer london

As Destination Wedding Photographers London UK, or photographers of destination weddings, Colas Declercq and Gilles Perbal will travel everywhere in Europe and all over the world to accompany you throughout your celebrations. This duo will be there to capture those precious moments.

As such, they guarantee you’ll be able to treasure the best memories of your event, so you can dive back in at anytime and relive those magical and emotional moments.

Two great wedding photographers:

Both are accalaimed in their profession. Colas Declercq is based in Marseille and was awarded three medals at the MPPF (Médailles de la Photographie Professionnelle Française), as well as the title of best French Portraitist in 2017. Gilles Perbal, based in Toulon in the Var region, was bronze medallist at the MPPF in 2016. Joining their respective talent and experience, this duo of professional photographers offer a prestigious and exclusive service, wherever you may choose to celebrate your wedding.

As destination wedding photographers London, they will be at your side, in total discretion, whether in Paris, or New-York; whether in the United-Kingdom, in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

For grand occasions such as parties and wedding ceremonies, it is essential to be able to count on professional partners, on all levels : organisation, catering, decoration but also in terms of photography. It is an imperative that is not always easily met, even more so when a wedding takes place abroad, or when the photographer in question is not based in the country where the wedding will be held.

That is why these photographers specialising in destination photography, entirely place their skills, knowledge and expertise at your service, and are delighted to assure you that your event will be covered smoothly, worldwide.

Destination wedding photographer London with two specialist of photography.

They look forward to hearing from you to discuss your project.