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French riviera – Provence – France

Both Gilles Perbal and Colas Declercq are very widely known professional wedding photographers South of France. This dynamic duo shares a profound passion for the art of photography while specializing in wedding photography.

Colas Declercq is a triple MPPF medallist (Médaille de la Photographie Professionnelle Française) while Gilles Perbal won the same MPPF Bronze medal in 2016. He was given the title of Portraitiste de France of the year 2017.

Named as one of the best 10 wedding photographers of the Var and the PACA region by Zankyou and member of the GNPP (Groupement national des photographes professionnels), Gilles Perbal holds a twenty five year career. Together with Colas Declercq, they combine their talents, expertise, experience and hard work to give you a premium quality wedding photo reportage.

Colas Declercq is based in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur area. Gilles Perbal is based in the Var and in the PACA region. The two of them operate both locally and elsewhere in France. Whether you decide to celebrate your marriage in South of France Saint-Tropez, St-Jean-Cap Ferrat, Nice, Monaco, Antibes, Cannes or anywhere in the French Riviera, just give them a call ! They will be delighted to capture this special day through their lenses, immortalize these precious moments and enlighten them with the artistic, enchanting veil of theirs.

Because their passion for photography matches their technical skills and artistic views, Colas Declercq and Gilles Perbal are acclaimed and famous wedding photographers. As truly authentic artists, the pair will walk with you through your prestigious wedding day. They will capture the gleam in the eyes of the newlyweds and frame it in an everlasting and shining scenery. They will give the celebrating lovers a beautiful portrait of the love that they hold and share together.

The magical landscape of the South of France will generously welcome your marriage and Gilles Perbal and Colas Declercq will be honored to be your wedding photographers.

wedding photographer south of france
wediing photographer south of france , french riviera
wedding photographer provence

Wedding Photographer Provence

Gilles Perbal and Colas Declercq are famous wedding photographers from Provence whose talent and cameras make your special day as extraordinary and unique as you want it to be. The two truly work as a pair sharing their professionalism, experience and passion for photography and making it a double success.

Located in south of France, Provence is a wonderful region where nature runs free and landscapes are absolutely mesmerzing. The mediterranean climate makes it very enchanting. You will enjoy being surround by the height of the mountains, the sound of water flowing in the streams and rivers or the stunning local estates. Var, Lubéron, Alpes-Maritimes, Marseille, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence : wherever you go, you’ll discover south of France fantastic historical and great cultural heritage.

This dynamic duo operates anywhere in France. Though one of them is originally based in the South of France while the other is based in the Var and the PACA region, they are pleased to assure you they will both be right on time, as the wedding photographers from Provence you were hoping for. Is your marriage taking place in Monaco ? In Aix-en-Provence ? Or is it in Avignon ? In the Lubéron maybe ? That’s perfectly fine. Anywhere you choose in South of France will be just fine for this pair of photographer.

The common passion that Gilles and Colas share for framing precious moments in life and unique happy moments, smiling faces, shining eyes and utter happiness ; their great talent for creating fairytale-like atmospheres, prestigious and  luxurious photographs that capture both the happiness of your wedding day and the magical location you have chosen ; such is the authentic wedding gift this duo wishes to give you both as you beginning writing this new chapter in the book of your life together.

wedding photographer provence

French Wedding Photographer


Gilles Perbal and Colas Declercq are talented and highly recognised photographers. Both artists hold professional MPPF 2016 medals (Médaille de la Photographie Professionnelle Française). Gilles ranks amongst the top ten wedding photographers from the South Of France and was titled French Portrait Artist of the year 2017. These two photographers combine their artistic skills and passion together for Prestige Wedding Photography, in order to fully capture your wedding ceremony.

Each wedding is unique – an emotionnally rich day where two individual lives are bound in a powerful and crystillising moment, which highlights their love for each other. Such beautiful instants must be covered by a French wedding photographer , fully immortalising these fairy tale like moments, in the most faithful and stunning photos.

In France, we have mastered the art of celebrating in a refined and elegant way. Paris is synonymous with fairy tales, a city widely recognised as being the city of love, and thus the ideal place to celebrate one’s wedding. Paris is full of romantic and dream-like locations, which turn your wedding photographs into real works of art. These two French wedding photographers will capture Paris in each angle, every ray of light and play of colourful textures to deliver truly breath-taking photographs. PWP wedding shots will be a reflection of the love you share and the magical environment that Paris offers.

We offer a full-package wedding photography coverage that accompanies you throughout your ceremony. No-one will be better placed to observe this event than a professional French wedding photographer, whose eye might show you details that even you may not have noticed. You’ll be able to treasure a unique wedding photo album, processed and finely enhanced by the expert ajustements of both Prestige Wedding Photography professionals.

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